The world of Hotel d'Angleterre

19 Jan 2023 Delicious dining

Bea Tollman's broccoli coleslaw

Recreate this classic yet delicious side from the comfort of your own home.

16 Nov 2022 Delicious dining

Winter warming recipes: Chicken Noodle Soup

As the colder months dawn upon us, indulge in a delicious, comforting classic - chicken noodle soup.

19 Oct 2022 Red Carnation Family

The talented chefs of Red Carnation Hotels

To mark International Chefs Day this October, we are highlighting some of the talented and inspiring chefs from across our collection.

01 Jan 2022 Delicious dining

Afternoon Tea at home

We are delighted to announce that our delicious Afternoon Tea is now exclusively available now for collection and local deliveries.

Wine vineyard

21 May 2021 Delicious dining

Everything you need to know about Swiss wine

Switzerland makes some outstanding wine, but not many people know much about it.

27 Feb 2021 Delicious dining

Hotel D'Angleterre's signature recipe

Our Executive Chef shares his recipe for Seabass Carpaccio, one of the favourite dishes in Windows.

04 Jan 2021 Delicious dining

Bea Tollman's rice pudding

A hotel favourite, make Bea's rice pudding at home with family or friends.

21 Jul 2020 Delicious dining

London's best restaurants & bars

A guide to the best places for dining and drinks across The Red Carnation Collection.

15 Jul 2020 Delicious dining

Bea Tollman's honeycomb ice cream

Celebrate with a delicious recipe from our President and Founder, a favourite amongst guests and our staff.

01 May 2020 Delicious dining

Bea Tollman’s vanilla cheesecake

Discover how to make Mrs Tollman's deliciously decadent cheesecake yourself.

25 Mar 2020 Delicious dining

Bea Tollman's chicken burger recipe

A simple and satisfying recipe for creating your own chicken burgers at home.

24 Mar 2020 Delicious dining

How to make perfect shortbread 

Our founder’s recipe for the crumbliest, most buttery treat.

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