Windows Restaurant

From the theatrical Crêpes Suzette prepared at your table, to delectable salmon sashimi, healthy breakfasts and delicious high teas, Windows restaurant is renowned for service and spectacular views over the lake.

Carefully curated

Geneva is surrounded by vineyards. With an annual production of around 87 million litres, the canton is Switzerland’s third-largest wine producer, and an understanding of and enthusiasm for wine is part of our local heritage.

With over 225 bins in our cellar, Landry Tissot, our Master Sommelier has created an elegant and stylish wine list that fully lives up to this tradition. Noted for its extraordinary range and breadth, our wine-loving diners certainly find their favourite bottles, but are equally delighted to be introduced to new discoveries from the list. If you are curious and ready for new experiences, Landry will be happy to open a few of her more esoteric bottles, such as Canadian or Indian wine.

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Geneva's most popular night spot

The Leopard Bar

Led by Fabio Dotolo, The Leopard Bar is renowned for its selection of impressive beverages, from the prestigious wine list, to creative cocktails and an extensive whiskey menu - featuring over 50 pure malt and blended options.

The Cigar Lounge

The exclusive Cigar Lounge in our famous Leopard Bar is lauded by guests and local cigar aficionados alike due to its rich ambience and world-class cigar menu. Exuding classic charm and polished refinement, it boasts a cutting-edge air-flow extraction system in the floor and the ceiling’s wooden panelling, to ensure relaxation in total comfort.

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