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Designed by Turinese architects

Tour Carouge

Explore the charming village of Carouge, a municipality in the Canton of Geneva. The village was established in 1754, when it was granted to the Kingdom of Sardinia. The King of Sardinia ordered it to be built, to compete with Geneva. The village was designed by Turinese architects, around an axis planted with trees (the Place du Marché) and low houses with galleries in the rear, opening out onto gardens.

Here, you’ll experience a unique, Mediterranean atmosphere. Expect bustling streets and shaded squares alongside trendy designer and antique shops, restaurants and bistros. Visitors to Carouge are sure to encounter a warm and friendly ambience.

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Craft your own

Watch or jewellery piece

Live your passion for watches by crafting your own watch within a one day watchmaking workshop. If watches aren’t for you, let your imagination run wild as you bring your own jewellery piece to life. You’ll meet with a professional jewellery designer to create your unique jewellery creation, which can be delivered to you within a few weeks’ time.

Cruise Lake Geneva

Step onboard a traditional Swiss boat and enjoy a tour of Geneva’s surroundings from the water. Make a day of it and take the boat to explore the charming French towns and villages that sit beside the lake.

Take a private boat tour

Take the itinerary into your own hands on a private boat tour on Lake Geneva. Cruise the shores of the Lake, take in its amazing landscapes and colors, take part in some watersports or enjoy an afternoon picnic as you watch the sunset cast its golden spell.

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