Lavaux, Switzerland: Landscape of Lavaux Vineyard Terrace hiking trail, Lake Geneva and Swiss mountains


At first glance, it’s a sleepy patch of Switzerland, its vast sweeps of cultivated land dotted with pretty farmhouses. But, for those in the know, Satigny is the country’s largest wine-making municipality and home to several of the most celebrated vineyards near Geneva. Make sure to visit Domain du Paradis. This sophisticated vineyard has a beautiful vaulted wine cellar, where introductory tastings offer an excellent initial foray into the area’s best grapes.

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La Cave de Genève

Known the world over for its quality wine and award-winning bottles, La Cave de Genève is another exceptional vineyard near Geneva. Its dedicated team continues to set the benchmark for not only regional wines, but for Swiss wines, too.

Domaine de Trois Etoiles

Recognised for its distinctive contribution to L’Espirit de Genève—a red wine blended from regional grapes personally selected by the winemaker. Each of the 19 local producers of L’Espirit de Genève offers a slightly different variation, and the blend from this vineyard is well worth sampling.


Less than an hour from Satigny, the verdant pastures of Russin await—and so does Domaine des Molards. Experts in the field, the Desbaillet family have been producing wine near Geneva for over 650 years and their legendary vineyard welcomes visitors to an annual show for the Caves Ouvertes. This festival is the one day of the year whereby the picturesque vineyards near Geneva throw open their doors and invite oenophiles to taste the year’s vintage, alongside more mature wines. Just large enough to accommodate six guests, Domaine des Molards’ unique bar area provides fantastic tastings year-round. Enter a converted 11,000-litre barrel for wonderful wines and fondue.

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Jussy served as a vassal town of the Bishop of Geneva in the Middle Ages, and Château Du Crest was constructed on his land around 1220. This impressive castle has a long and chequered past, from feudal conflicts to noble visits, to falling to ruin in the 16th century. The estate was restored to its original grandeur in 1624 when it came under the possession of Jacques Micheli. Generations down the line, his family and the spectacular farmlands surrounding the castle yield some of the best wine in Geneva.

Switzerland’s reserves

Oenophiles at Hotel d’Angleterre can join professional sommelier Landry Tissot for an introduction to Switzerland’s signature reserves.

With a plentiful cellar, stacked with carefully curated bottles, Landry’s wine list offers a taste of the very finest vintages from across the country.