The world of Hotel d'Angleterre

23 Nov 2020 Experiences

Beatrice Tollman: "Hotelier of the World"

For the Founder and President of Red Carnation Hotel Collection, hotelkeeping is a 24/7 love affair.

24 Jul 2020 Experiences

Red Carnation Hotels’ best hotels for pets

Four-legged companions are welcome at our exceptional pet-friendly hotels.

21 Jul 2020 Delicious dining

London's best restaurants & bars

A guide to the best places for dining and drinks across The Red Carnation Collection.

22 Jun 2020 Experiences

Reflections of gratitude

Brett Tollman reflects on the gift of travel and shares his favourite stories from across the TTC family network.

25 Apr 2020 Experiences

Amazing Luxury Gold vacations with Red Carnation

Our sister brand Luxury Gold offers five exceptional journeys, all featuring stays at Red Carnation Hotels.

22 Apr 2020 Experiences

Luxury backgrounds for your home video calls

Virtual brunch? Catching up with a colleague? Virtually stay at one of our hotels in your next video call.

20 Sep 2019 Wellbeing

Most spectacular Red Carnation Hotels pools

Our pick of the most mesmerising Red Carnation Hotels pools from across the world.

16 Sep 2019 Wellbeing

Red Carnation Hotels' most beautiful beaches

A tour of Red Carnation Hotels' most beautiful beaches.

05 Sep 2019 Experiences

Historical holidays with Red Carnation Hotels

A medieval Irish castle and a hotel that endured the German occupation during WWII are among our top stays for history lovers.

19 Aug 2019 Experiences

The five most inspired learning holidays

Whether it's mastering a new skill or expanding the mind, opportunities for enrichment abound with Red Carnation Hotels.